Basketball club ARIETE Prostějov finished fourth in NBL

It was a great success that the ARIETE Prostějov basketball club finished fourth in the latest season of Kooperativa NBL after a tight bronze medal duel against the excellent team of Pardubice.

The end of the season also brought the end of the partnership of ARIETE and the club. From 2013 ARIETE was even in the name of the club as the titular partner of basketball in Prostějov.

“We are happy to have supported activities of the basketball club in Prostějov,” says Jiří Štika, ARIETE Group executive director. “From the start of our cooperation we accomplished notable sport achievements, such as the silver double in Czech Cup and NBL 2013/14 season, and the astonishing victory in 2014/15 Czech Cup season. To ARIETE the partnership brought publicity which helped get new contracts and hire new people.”