Our story

  1. Ariete MB founded – recruitment company

  2. ARIETE expands to Slovakia

  3. Ariete founded sheltered workshop

  4. Establishing a logistics centre in Zdice

  5. Refurbishment of the production and logistics centre in Smolyan, Bulgaria

  6. Opening the refurbished assembly facility in the city of Haskovo

  7. Refurbishment of and opening the logistics centre in Pazardzhik, Bulgaria

  8. Finishing refurbishment of the brownfield in our own facility in Pazardzhik, Bulgaria

  9. Opening the injection-moulding facility in Smolyan

  10. Construction of new halls for injection moulding

  11. Opening the new injection-moulding facility

  12. New warehouses in the Pazardzhik moulding facility

  13. Construction of a multipurpose hall in Pazardzhik