Plastics Manufacturing

Dynamic out-of-the-box thinking, flexibility of the processes and cutting-edge technologies.

One of the most modern and largest injection moulding facilities. A wide range of tonnage of injection moulding machines – from 35 to 500 tons, employing advanced technologies, such as Mucell technology, robot-based workstations and a proprietary 3D measuring centre. Designing injection moulding tools and securing their production according to specification and preferences of each customer. Premium maintenance of moulding tools to achieve optimal performance and highest possible lifetime is delivered by our proprietary tool shop. Quality of our products and stability of our production processes is proved in the long term by supplying components to automotive industry where no compromise is allowed.

    • wide range of tonnage options
    • flexible capacity
    • cutting-edge technologies
    • modern ERP system
    • certification for automotive industry
    • experienced team
    • 3D measuring centre
    • A-to-Z production of moulds, from design through full delivery service

Maximal flexibility

We always take future into account. That is why our molding facility is ready for further development. We can therefore deliver to our customers in a short time, even if it is necessary to upgrade the facility and the machines.

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