Construction of new logistics centre in Bulgaria started

ARIETE Bulgaria, member of ARIETE GROUP, has started a demanding project of refurbishing a former brewery into a modern logistics centre. The goal of the 2 million BGN (approximately 26 million Czech crowns) project is to build a modern logistics-and-storage facility in the total area of over 4,400 square metres. At the moment, intensive remediation work and detailed design activities are under way.

“Our goal is to build a logistics centre meeting the European standards for over 3,000 pallets and also the surrounding area for related activities, such as A-to-Z packaging management and so called Waren filter,” said Jiří Štika, owner and executive director in parent company ARIETE GROUP, which is in charge of the project. “We are now facing the difficult task of reviving operations in a building which had not been used for over 10 years, and build the entire infrastructure anew,” adds Jiří Štika.

The goal is to finish all construction and preparation work by next year’s June.