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As a candidate under procedure BG-RRP-3.008 “Support for the transition to a circular economy in enterprises” with project proposal with reference number BG-RRP-3.008-0225 GROUP MOULDING EAD is conducting a procedure with a public call for tenders, in accordance with the provisions of the PMS No. 80/09.05.2022 for the award of a contract with subject:


“Supply, installation and commissioning of fixed tangible assets under separate items:

OP No 1: Injection moulding machine for plastic parts under pressure – 1 piece;

OP No. 2: CNC EDM machine – 1 piece;

OP No. 3: CNC milling machine – 1 piece;

The deadline for submission of tenders is 03.11.2023.

The documentation is also published on the ISUN 2020 website.

Due to a failure to upload a sample document in the first advertised procedure, it had to be terminated and re-advertised.

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