Refurbishment of logistics centre in Bulgaria still in progress

The project of refurbishment of the former brewery into a modern logistics-and-production centre continues intensively. The winter in Bulgaria started before the end of February with sudden heavy snow which paralyzed traffic in the south of the country and delayed the start of construction work in 2015.

Despite relatively bad weather and significant impact on the project due to changed initial conditions, the construction is now fully in progress. The planned demolition works both inside and outside the building have been finished, the roof has been restored, the former gatehouse has been changed into an administrative facility, a new inner drainage system has been built and construction of a new transformer station has been started. New floors with load capacity of tonnes per square metre are now being installed.

Next to get done is installation of internal power network, cooling, ventilation, lighting, façade, racks, handling machinery, finishing of reconstruction of the subterranean floor, etc.

The Bulgarian team and their Czech colleagues have a lot of challenges to address this year!