Refurbishment of logistics centre in Pazardzhik nearing completion

Another part of the strong ARIETE logistics chain in Bulgaria will be finishing soon. In the city of Pazardzhik, near the Plovdiv industrial zone, ARIETE Logistics, a department of ARIETE Group, is now finishing extensive and demanding refurbishment of a former food warehouse.

The area of over 5,000 square metres and the total ground of 80,000 square metres will host a cutting-edge logistics centre which will serve our automotive client as of early January, 2019.

Our new unwritten rule is that all ARIETE acquisitions in Bulgaria are refurbished in hectic pace yet they are really well coordinated. The warehouse in Pazardzhik is no exception.

The full refurbishment works began in late September. Since then, the warehouse building has been renewed completely, preserving only the skeleton. A full facility for 180 workers has been built on the grounds, all floors, the roof and sheathing have been replaced, loading bays have been installed and hard surfaces have been fully restored.

The total investment in the first stage is expected to exceed 5 million euros.