Finishing construction in Pazardzhik

The horrible phenomenon and real threat of the new Covid-19 virus has affected also us. Despite travel restrictions and the need of cutting communication down to online platforms, we have been managing to keep up with the construction pace we set at the beginning at the site of the new moulding facility in Pazardzhik, Bulgaria.

In March and April there have been “only” interior works and all the details, air and water pipes, power network system to finish, all the installed technologies to test, and sufficient power supply to finish and secure.

Staff facilities for ARIETE employees of all positions across the company structure also need to provide security, comfort and all the things necessary.

We have installed wide-span overhead cranes to maximally exploit the roofed room of the moulding facility.

Despite the fatal impact of the new pandemic we stay positive, enjoy any success no matter its range and watch out for a better tomorrow.

Good health to all!