Construction in Pazardzhik

We are now slowing down the pace of construction in Pazardzhik, Bulgaria.

Despite the fact that most of construction activities tend to get paused in winter time, with help of the mild weather there is now actually no noticeable impact on the construction activities and we keep working.

The building roofing of the new moulding facility enters its final stage, supporting structures have been finished, the sheathing has been started and some progress has been made there, the roof has been insulated, and the final joist has been laid, the layout has been changed upon learning some new facts, the building has been linked to the existing warehouse, some details we find important have been added and, above all, we purchased a drone to have the option to view everyday problems from above and stay on top of things :-)

Anyway, we keep our feet on the ground as it is also necessary to lay the foundation of the new floor, with the bearing capacity of 5 tons per square metre.