Consolidated financial statements of the group for 2017 reach nearly 1.5 billion Czech crowns

ARIETE Group have announced their financial results for 2017, which seems to have been another year of sales increase in individual companies. The group reached sales of 1.45 billion Czech crowns, hitting the increase of 17 percent compared to 2016.

The dominant factor in the increase were activities in automotive industry and car sales in Slovakia, while the result of the rest of our activities was more or less equal to 2016.

“It is a pleasure to hear that the increase was primarily achieved through the organic growth, even though we also invested considerable amounts in real estates,” says Jiří Štika, executive director in ARIETE Group, the parent company.

One of the most promising activities of the group are those in Bulgaria, the country which also shows the highest increase in number of employees. At this moment, there are over 600 ARIETE employees in Bulgaria, thus accounting for a quarter of the total number of employees in the entire group.