Production facilities in Haskovo (BG) slowly filling up and coming to life

Let’s not be too humble!

Ever since the moment we were starting the huge refurbishing of the ARIETE production-facility-to-be in Bulgaria, we have known that the project would never be easy or smooth to execute.

However, we managed to deal with all the issues and, on top of that, we succeeded in preparing the facility for moving ARIETE’s client’s production in, as mentioned in the previous post. We are even more pleased that production was started without unnecessary delays and without jeopardizing supplies to the customer.

“In Haskovo we managed to put together a team of top quality, ambitious, skilled people whose main goal matches ours – a happy customer who trusts our abilities and possibilities,” says Jiří Štika, ARIETE Group executive director.

As we said above – let’s not be too… :-)