Final stage of the new warehouse refurbishment in Bulgaria starts

The refurbishment of a former brewery, which is now being changed into a modern storage-and-production facility by ARIETE logistics, member of ARIETE Group, has entered its final stage.

All the exterior areas are now ready after demolition of the former boiler house and finishing the façade, sanitary and gas pipeline installation, as well as interior and exterior gates.

Now installation of ventilation, heating and cooling, electronic fire alarm and electronic safety system, power and camera systems, the platform between the floors and a large retaining wall allowing to extend the area by 1,300 square metres is in progress. Assembly of two five-ton cranes has started. Supply of racks and handling machinery is ready. All this should make it possible to follow the schedule to open the storage segment on November 1, 2015.

The site starts resembling the 3D models shown in the last two images.